Stepping into the Spotlight: The Power of Purpose

Build your superpowers as part of the Flourish programme.

Join us for the second session of the Flourish programme, where we will explore how building your superpowers can prime you to have the confidence needed to own your journey and flourish in your career.

High achievers understand the power of purpose, having a goal bigger than yourself. While the GB Hockey Women who won gold at Olympics 2016 set out to win gold, they had a higher purpose of wanting to leave a legacy. In this interactive session, we will explore what is your purpose and how this focus and building your superpowers can prime you to have the confidence needed in owning your journey to mastery and ultimately flourishing in your career.

We'll also be hearing from keynote speaker Fatima Zamana civil servant in the UK who has led policy work relating to violent extremism, terrorism and faith-related matters. One Young World Ambassador Fatima Zaman has been tipped as a future Nobel Laureate, and will be sharing her story on how she became moved to take action against radicalisation, and how having this power of purpose has led to internationally groundbreaking policy work in this area. 

This webinar is for IPA member agencies only. A link to join the webinar will be sent to all registrants closer to the date. 

Upcoming sessions

Session 3 - November 12: Finding Flow - Doing what we love

Flow is about “What make’s life worth living?”.  Money can’t make us happy – we find our true pleasure and lasting satisfaction in activities that bring about a state of ‘flow’. Flow is being fully in the moment, an effortless sense of control and performing at the peak of our abilities. Flow emerges when we do what we love – when there is a level of challenge that truly engages us. We will explore understanding when you are at your best to create more opportunities for flow and how this allows you to build confidence needed to perform to your best when under pressure, whether that is a big pitch you need to win or in having your voice heard in asking for what you want.

About the facilitators 

Tina Dullaghan

Tina is a Global Learning and Development Consultant, executive coach (ICF) and NLP practitioner. She has 20 years experience working with global blue chip companies. She has used evidence-based research and evaluation to measure the effectiveness and sustainability of leadership and management programmes. Her practice includes executive and systemic team coaching to help leaders and teams explore their capabilities and be the best they can be.

Sarah Kelleher

Sarah is a NLP coach and mentor supporting individuals, teams and organisations to flourish by unlocking real & tangible performance in people. She has extensive experience in sport and business performance having captained Ireland’s hockey team, currently England Hockey U18 Lead Coach and as a Strategy, Innovation & Storytelling Consultant. Sarah had the vision to renovate a ruin in Italy to set up retreats that offer inspiration on how to live well, flourish and be your best self.

Both Sarah and Tina are qualified as LEGO® SERIOUS PLAY® facilitators and believe in the power of purposeful play, storytelling and coaching to unlock a deeper level of actionable insight.


Last updated 21 January 2022