Ten Years of Futurology: A SXSW Retrospective

A Review of Past Predictions.

Join Nigel Gwilliam as he takes another light-hearted look at what South By got right… and got wrong.

South By Southwest was cancelled the first time in its history this year. Nigel is in lock down like the rest of us. Fortunately, he’s been going to Austin for nearly a decade and still has all his presentations stored away for a rainy pandemic. He has agreed to that most dangerous of presentation topics: a review of past predictions.

After introducing Gwilliam’s Law of Lockdown in part one of this talk, Nigel will be picking up the story of SXSW predictions in part two. Part one unveiled the holy trinity of tech and the first two themes emerging from this, part two will explore another three: privacy, what privacy?; the gaming of tech; who’s in charge here? He’ll then go on to look forward to the arrival of the Synthetic Decade in the Chinese Century. And he’ll pick up anything he missed on UBI, Covid 19 and Ok, Boomer.

Last updated 21 January 2022