The Future of the Future

Webinar with Marsha Lindsay, CEO and Chief Analyst of Lindsay Foresight & Stratagem live from the US on how to future-proof.

The very nature of what constitutes “the future” is changing - increasingly the future is showing up ahead of schedule.

Threats, possibilities, innovations, and competition long assumed to be years away are now arriving daily: not so long ago a pandemic was said to be possible but not imminent. It arrived, accelerating telemedicine, telecommuting, distance-learning and the demise of those with vulnerable balance sheets and strat plans that were behind-the-times. 

At the core of every leader’s responsibility is anticipating the future and addressing potential issues and opportunities early enough to keep their operation viable and successful. But with the future arriving sooner than expected, leaders find they have more of the unexpected to deal with every day. That this goes on day after day means most are constantly operating in crisis mode with little time to vet and prep for what’s just over the horizon.   

By shedding light on the changing nature of what constitutes the future, this webinar will help you future-proof your organization, brand and career. 

What attendees will learn:

  • Why and how time is speeding up. What it means for revenue models, business models, governance
  • Why problems one must solve will increasingly be defined as unsolvable. A trio of new and inter-related competencies required to tackle them
  • The future business everyone will be in, no matter one’s customer, location or category
  • Why the ability to converge business strategy with marketing strategy predicts every organization’s future viability
  • Why it will be critical to appeal broadly, target broadly and achieve broad reach

Marsha Lindsay

Marsha Lindsay is the CEO and Chief Analyst of Lindsay Foresight & Stratagem, the business growth consultancy that analyzes and forecasts future marketplace dynamics and helps executives prepare now for what’s next-- and strategically best --for competitive advantage,  accelerated growth and more effective marketing.

Some of you will be familiar with other presentations she’s made at the invitation of the IPA, at Marketing Effectiveness week in London, 2017. And at the IPA’s Breaking Brand program in New York City in May of 2019.

Other organizations that have featured her include:

  • Columbia University’s Executive MBA program,
  • The World Business Forum in New York City,
  • The IAI Festival of China
  • The Network One in London and Beijing
  • The American Association of Advertising Agencies. 

Prior to founding Lindsay Foresight & Stratagem, Marsha was the founder and, for 38 years (until 2015), the CEO of a US marketing firm specializing in the successful positioning, launch and scaling of brands and their innovations.  During her tenure, the firm was nationally admired for its marketing and creative prowess. Ad Age honored it as a “Small Agency of the Year.” 

Marsha’s topic today? “Predictions for the Future in a pandemic-spooked world.“

Last updated 21 January 2022