The Importance of Inclusion and Diversity

Roxanne Hobbs, Founder of The Hobbs Consultancy, will be exploring the importance of diversity and inclusion to the advertising industry.

This free webinar will delve into the importance of D&I to the advertising industry, and the more emotional and personal cases for D&I - and why we must always start with the why. Ultimately, we do not change our behaviour without a clear anchor and everyone’s anchor is very different.

Unfortunately, some very human attributes get in the way of us making the gains we want to. Our brains have a tendency to categorise information which can lead to Unconscious Bias. We also like to feel safe, which can lead to us armouring up and driving disconnection, rather than the sense of belonging we want.

Roxanne Hobbs, Founder of The Hobbs Consultancy, will be exploring why courageous and vulnerable leadership are critical to making progress in this arena - and what happens in the absence of this. We want to create trusting teams in which people feel able to show up as themselves and believe that they’ll be rewarded and valued for doing so. What can we learn from research on trust, and how can we operationalise this in service of the D&I agenda in organisations?

What you’ll learn from this webinar:

  • Understand that the ‘why’ is a clear anchor for change
  • An understanding of how trust is built and destroyed in the workplace
  • Understanding of how we armour up and how that gets in the way of our authenticity
  • Tools and techniques, they can use, starting now, to step in to their courage

There will also be 10-minute Q&A for attendees at the end of the session.

Last updated 21 January 2022