IPA Agency Census 2022 Webinar

Review the 2021 results and look ahead to 2022 challenges

A webinar to review the 2021 Census results and look ahead to 2022 challenges. Don't miss the opportunity to ask any questions you might have about the survey, common GDPR challenges and submission.

In preparation for the 2022 Census submission, we invite those involved to join us as we:

  • Look back at the topline results from 2021
  • Highlight some of the changes for 2022 designed to make submission easier
  • Give you some guidance on where to find answers to common GDPR questions

For the first time, we are also hoping to offer agencies who provide a full submission a personalised report comparing their data to the total data pool - expect more detail on this in the webinar.

Don't miss an opportunity to ask the author of the report, Roger Ingham, and Graeme Griffiths, Associate Director of Research, any questions you might have about the survey and submission.


10.00am          Welcome

10.05am          Core survey sections

10.15am          2021 results review

10.30am          An agency view

10.40am          GDPR challenges

10.45am          Looking to the 2022 submission

10.55am          Audience Q&A

11.00am          Closing remarks

Last updated 20 July 2022