The IPA Speaker’s Cup

Feel the need to up your game during presentations? Take part and make a brilliant two minute speech about a big adland related topic that interests you. This event is aimed at those with less than 5 years in the industry.

Anyone who has watched Mad Men can’t fail to admire Don Draper's presentations. Watch the clip to hear how he sells the Carousel idea to a technically minded Kodak client.

Sadly the art of the persuasive sell is dying. We just don’t see this kind of clever, inspirational two minute speech anymore. What we see are hundreds of slides, drowning out the message and sending the audience to sleep. Adland is losing the ability to get on its feet and speak from the heart. That’s why we’ve created The Speaker’s Cup.

The challenge

To make a brilliant two minute speech without PowerPoint. It needs to be about a big adland related topic that interests you or that you feel passionate about. Here are some thoughts/examples but attendees can choose their own:

  • The impact of technology on creativity
  • Diversity (In the broadest sense e.g. age, ethnicity, gender, sexuality, disability)
  • Work/life balance and its impact on mental health
  • Investing in people

The entry can be from an individual or a pair.

Only open to IPA member agencies. One entry per agency.

Judging criteria

The winner will be the speech that is judged to be the most likely to get the advertising industry into action on that topic.

The speech needs to be between 2-3 minutes long. No more.

No slides!

Timing: Tuesday 14th May, 9am until early evening

Competitors get a free day of training at the IPA to help them prepare their speech and deliver it. At the end of the day there will be a competition that will be judged by adland’s finest. And drinks.

Our Promise

Winning agency gets one day’s presentation training from the tutors (Graham Singleton of Make Yourself), free of charge (can be either Presentation Masterclass OR Advanced Presentation Skills).

There are individual prizes for competitors (gift vouchers for the store of their choice) for the competitors: £300 for the winner(s), £200 for second, £100 for third. If you enter as a pair you will have to split the prize.

In addition the winning presentations will (with their givers permission) be featured on the IPA site and the Cup (with winner’s name) displayed at the IPA.

Last updated 21 January 2022