The Power of Not Thinking

Leading business anthropologist Simon Roberts will give an overview of his ideas as outlined in his book.

Have you ever relied on your hand to remember your pin rather than your memory? Or listened to your gut on a big decision?

Leading business anthropologist Simon Roberts has launched a new book around these ideas – breaking down the revolutionary idea of embodied knowledge: the information that is unconsciously picked up by our body for use in every area of our lives.

Drawing on his own experience working with some of the world's leading industry experts and looking at a range of real-life examples and cutting-edge science, Roberts explains the various ways in which our body acquires, retains and employs information and why we should learn to trust the instincts that inform the most crucial decisions and actions in our lives.

The Power of Not Thinking shows why humans are capable of far more than we are currently led to believe, and why we should start trusting our bodies and our 'gut'. 

In this webinar, Simon will give an overview of his ideas – and how we can apply this to our work in order to perform better and as a result, produce better, more effective work that resonates with audiences - before discussing the key themes and their application with Omar El-Gammal, Planning Director at Wunderman Thompson.

Praise for The Power of Not Thinking: 

“At a time when business is dazzled by the idea of Big Data – and popular culture is rushing to embrace the disembodied world of cyberspace – Roberts offers a brilliantly powerful case for looking at the physical world we inhabit. Lively, provocative and informative, The Power of Not Thinking explains the meaning of “embodied” knowledge in a way that has implications for business executives and policy makers working in any sphere. If you are handling Big Data, or hoping that technology can solve your problems, you should read this.”

Gillian Tett, Chair Editorial Board, Editor-at-large, US – The Financial Times

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You can purchase Simon's book on Amazon UKHive or Waterstones - please do leave a review!

Last updated 21 January 2022