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Breaking the habit of negative thinking with Will Harvey

This one hour virtual workshop will run via a zoom webinar on Thursday 22 October at 2pm

Breaking The Habit of Negative Thinking

Flash news reports of rising deaths, R-rates, mobile notifications of a new recession and all this makes living ‘well’ no easy task.
Your brain originally adapted a pessimistic viewpoint to save your life from being eaten by whatever snarling beasts existed 10000's of years ago.

But we are not living out of caves anymore. Since our brains are naturally wired for negativity, it stacks the odds against us living positively and brings questions like...

  • How do you start creating positive thinking when it becomes such a habit to think negatively? 
  • How do we catch ourselves in a spiral?
  • What do we do to get out of it?
  • How can you stay positive?

Your brain is just being a brain. It's doing what it does to look after you. 

But you can be in control of your thinking so you can continue to perform at your best. 

This workshop is designed to put a plan into action, to recognise your negative behaviours, and to create positive action.

The tutor: Will Harvey

In 2012 Will found himself working in the City in a stressful and highly pressured job. At the time he struggled. Sitting at his desk one day he felt the panic, the anxiety and nausea in the top of his chest as he felt completely out of control. His manager pulled him aside asking if he was ok, to which he could only shake his head and utter the word 'no'. He broke down in tears. This was the start of his own personal health struggles but also the first steps in a journey that brought him to helping others on their own. 

He spent time in counselling, therapy, CBT and more recently with coaches to develop the skills and the experience to manage his mental health and overall wellness despite ongoing battles with himself. With 6 years in the City and 4 years in business and coaching, he has the first-hand experience of the pressures of such a fast-paced lifestyle and the expertise to help others in similar situations to get the best from their own physical and mental health so that they may learn how to perform at their very best.

Last updated 21 January 2022