Trending 2020

A Vision from the IPA and the Foresight Factory

We are bringing you three of the most relevant trends from the Foresight Factory's annual global conference - along with a panel who will delve into what this all means for the industry.

Key insights include: 

  • the 'tribes' that invite a second look in the years ahead - who they are, what makes them different, and how to reach them
  • the shift in society from ownership of products and services, to preferring access only
  • the consumers' relationship with sex, and how it has evolved

All delegates will also receive a complimentary bespoke electronic report created by the Foresight Factory following the event. 


9.00    Breakfast and registration

9.30    Welcome

9.40    2020 Trends: An Introduction

9.50    Tribespotting: The Quantifiers and Ambitionless Youth

Marta Vilella-Vila, Client Partner, Foresight Factory

  • Quantifiers can be defined as consumers who monitor a number of activities in their everyday life. This behaviour has grown over the past several years, as technology has become more sophisticated and tracking tools are better able to interpret personal data and provide recommendations to users - which of course has its consequences.
  • Ambition-less Youth looks at a tribe of global Gen Y and Gen Z consumers who identify themselves as not being ambitious. Significant in numbers (particularly in Japan, and set to increase in China), they are often forgotten by brands – who seem to favour those who want to be the best version of themselves. 

10.15  What Will We Still Own in 2030? 

Marta Vilella-Vila, Client Partner, Foresight Factory

  • The presentation looks at how concepts of ownership are changing, and how technology is unlocking new modes of access to products and services, as well as allowing consumers to leverage them to their own benefit in new ways.

10.35  Sex and Sensibility

David Crosbie, Consultant

  • Once regarded as salacious, sex – and the conversations surrounding it – is now being rebranded as essential to self-care. Today, the myriad health benefits of sex and masturbation are being celebrated. It is a paradigm shift that is being reflected in the media, with books and movies promoting more realistic and inclusive depictions of sex. Discover how any and every sector can learn from how consumers’ relationship with sex, sensuality and taboo-breaking is evolving. 

11.00  The TouchPoints Perspective

Simon Frazier, Senior Research and Marketing Manager, IPA

11.10 Panel session chaired by Foresight Factory

  • James Pais, Creative Services Director, Frame
  • Valerie Ludlow, CEO, ASG & Partners and IPA Chair of Northern Ireland
  • Michael Brown, Partner, Insight, UM
  • Neil Bennett, Head of Strategy, LOVE

11.40  Closing Remarks

11.45  Close

This event is also taking place in London on 29 January.



Tickets are £25+VAT for members, and £50+VAT for non-members. All delegates will also receive a complimentary bespoke electronic report created by the Foresight Factory following the event.

Last updated 21 January 2022