What are we most scared of - the virus or the vaccine?

Join Listen + Learn Research to hear their latest findings on how people feel about the vaccine.

As we enter a third national lockdown, our hopes are pinned on the promise of two vaccines. But just because they’ve been made, does that mean they’ll come?

The dominant media and government narratives position 'the vaccine' as our route out of the ongoing COVID reality. The only concern we hear about is whether we have the resources to roll it out quickly enough, or whether it will still work in light of the recent mutations. 

This all assumes that people will actually take the vaccine, which is far from certain. Reluctance and refusal to take the vaccine remain – and unless this changes, it may undermine attempts to secure the coverage we need, to deliver the ascent out of the restrictions we currently face.

Listen + Learn Research will share their findings of how people are thinking, feeling and intending to act around the vaccine in the UK, USA and Germany.

They will highlight the main themes emerging at the end of 2020 (just ahead of vaccines being authorised) to help understand:

  • The core influences shaping how people think/intend to act in relation to the vaccine
  • The personal priorities that influence these attitudes and behaviours
  • How cultural context provides the backdrop on which decisions play out

We’ll also hear from Sian Dodwell, Chief Strategy Officer, Langland, on the implications and responsibilities of advertising and communications in relation to the vaccine.

Last updated 21 January 2022