Account Executive,

Job description

As the Account Executive, your core responsibilities will be focused on local market engagement, data management & reporting. In addition to this, you will be involved in data gathering and insights to aid our global media planning. You will work closely with our Account Manager to ensure consistency and accuracy in everything we do.

This role will provide a deep insight into the media world, including TV, Radio and OOH and a breadth of experience across a number of local markets.

The Agency


Who are

Market cap: triple the size of Heineken, triple the size of Expedia, twice the size of Ebay, 2/3rd of Nike
One of Google’s largest customer - worldwide
The category leader and we’re growing fast
15,000 employees (tripled in the last 4 years)
80,000,000 customers WW
World cup Brazil: 25% people visiting stadiums booked through us
1,200,000 rooms booked every 24hours