CRM Manager

Job description


The CRM Manager is responsible for the management and development of the IPA’s Customer Relationship Management platform built on the Microsoft Dynamics 365 platform. The CRM is critical to the day to day running of the organisation and the role is a mix of reactive and proactive work. Going forwards the IPA is looking to make greater use of CRM data to improve its business intelligence and targeted communications.


The CRM Manager’s main responsibilities are:

• Working closely with all departments to ensure the CRM works effectively for all aspects of the company.
• Identifying process improvements to leverage greater use of CRM automation, personalisation and membership experience.
• Customisation of Dynamics 365: creating new CRM entities, forms, adding fields, creating dashboards, reports and marketing lists, setting up workflows and automated processes where necessary.
• Administration of Dynamics 365: creating new users, business units and teams, managing licences, security roles and settings.
• Training e.g. training all new staff on how to use CRM, monitor staff usage i.e. making sure all staff members are using Dynamics 365 and using it correctly, make sure all staff are aware of best practice and data protection.
• Create and update training documentation and videos for staff.
• Business Intelligence – identifying insights and trends from the data to better inform the business as a whole.
• Produce the data for the annual Value for Money report.
• Ensuring the CRM remains GDPR compliant and meets other legal requirements.
• Maintenance and troubleshooting – ensuring everything is working as it should be, keeping an eye on storage, third party APIs and their integrations etc.
• Testing bug fixes in CRM and related parts of the website portal.
• Help resolve support tickets from website users where CRM is the issue
• Support IPA Communications; help provide insight and data to improve personalised, dynamic and relevant communications.
• Testing Microsoft releases, reporting on any affect IPA customisations and liaising with partners to ensure impact is minimised.
• Managing third party suppliers – first point of contact for the IPA to the CRM supplier, liaising with their support team if there’s a problem that can’t be resolved internally.
• Managing internal “CRM Reps” and promoting awareness of CRM capabilities and best practices within the organisation.


• Extensive knowledge of the customisation and administration of Microsoft Dynamics 365.
• Good knowledge of databases and their structures.
• Experience in SQL Server, T-SQL scripting, data transformations
• Skilled in Excel.
• Working knowledge of Microsoft SharePoint.
• Knowledge of GDPR and other legal requirements around the holding, sharing and usage of information.
•Knowledge of communications best practice.

At the IPA everyone is expected to work as part of a team. This may include covering other people’s work for short periods, contributing know-how and time to joint projects and helping other staff members with training and development.

Overall, you are expected to be flexible where necessary to meet the needs of the IPA. Accordingly, the precise description and nature of your job may be varied from time to time and you may be required to carry out other duties within the scope of your role.

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