Database Analyst & Insight Manager

Job description

About the IPA

The IPA is widely recognised as the world’s most influential professional institute for practitioners in advertising and marketing communications. It has a well-earned reputation for thought leadership, best practice and continuous professional development, as well as for providing core support and advisory services for our members.

The IPA Effectiveness Awards have been running on a biennial basis since 1980 to prove the value of advertising (communications activities) in delivering business results. Entrants are confidentially surveyed alongside their submissions to provide comprehensive data on a range of communication inputs (such as strategy, media choices and brand circumstances) and campaign outcomes (such as business-effectiveness measures, efficiency, ROMI and brand measures). Alongside the 1,500 written awards submissions this background data now makes the IPA Databank a world renowned research resource for analysis of how marketing communications works.

Analysis of this Databank has primarily been driven by the IPA using consultants including Peter Field and Les Binet who together have published several seminal business titles including: Marketing in the Era of Accountability; the Long and the Short of it; and most recently Effectiveness in Context: a manual for brand building.

External organisations have also bought relevant subsets of the Databank and consultancy time to research topics of interest such as the specific effects of certain media (for eg. Exterion – out of home; Newsworks - newsbrands; Royal Mail – direct marketing; and Unruly - online video). It has also been used to test a particular approach for eg. the use of behavioural science; or the effect of certain communication traits (eg. use of music or distinctive assets in creative approaches).

About the role
To manage the process of refreshing and updating the IPA Databank questionnaire, ensuring that the data collection is fit for purpose, accurate and robust and to take overall responsibility at the IPA for managing and marketing this database both in partnership with people outside of the IPA and within. We are seeking an analytical researcher with experience of large databases to manage the Databank. To oversee any and all research that is conducted using the Databank and to derive regular insights from it for amplification of the IPA’s effectiveness initiatives. Potential for flexible working in this role.

Key responsibilities
• To sense check all data upon collection and research missing data to keep this data relevant by indexing for example and consolidating fields when required
• To analyse the data to derive regular marketing effectiveness insights for the industry, for PR purposes and in order to provide impetus for future deeper-dive analyses on an ad-hoc basis.
• To manage external consultants/companies use of the databank providing relevant data in a compliant way
• To analyse the data for specific internal and external requests
• To manage current and future tech relationships/data partners for the Databank and new tools that derive from it
• To lead on developing the data so it can be integrated with 3rd party data visualization and business intelligence tools
• On occasions to fuse relevant other data sets with Databank data in order to draw new insights.
• To document processes to ensure the management remains future-proof

Key Skills
• An analytical mind
• Keen attention to detail, accurate, methodical and well organised
• Strong knowledge of statistics, data formats and methodologies
• Experience with handle data from quantitative research
• Good numerical, analytical and problem-solving skills
• Strong project management skills
• A self-starter
• The ability to multi-task successfully
• Good communication skills

• An interest in marketing communications
• A knowledge of relational databases and SQL would be helpful

The Agency


At the IPA, everyone is expected to work as part of a team. This may include covering other people’s work for short periods, contributing know-how and time to joint projects and helping other staff members with training and development. Overall, you are expected to be flexible where necessary to meet the needs of the IPA. Accordingly, the precise description and nature of your job may be varied from time to time and you may be required to carry out other duties within the scope of your role.