Junior Creative Apprenticeship

Job description

Welcome to The Pipe!

You’re the ones who stand apart. Who think a little different.

You’re the ones who might just be perfect for our paid apprenticeship Where your passion could become your career.

Established to celebrate diversity of thought, background and experience, it’s  a two-year  placement starting  mid-January  2021. 

The Pipe is open to anyone hoping to embrace a career in our creative industry - creative-types who may not have considered our industry as a possibility.

Bring your ideas. Bring your experiences. Bring your unique story and perspective. After all, diverse thinking leads to better ideas.

This is your opportunity  to come up with ideas that encourage people to buy products, give to charitable causes or even effect social change, whilst also studying towards a Level 3 qualification (equivalent to two A-Levels).

We’re looking for 14 creative and strategic minds. People who offer a many different perspectives with their creative ideas and critical thinking.

The Package

A role in Creative will be the right opportunity if you're interested in:

Making images that put a smile on the face of strangers

Telling stories that inspire people to change the world for the better

Building apps that engage the world

Designing a TikTok that goes viral

Creating an Instagram AR Face filter

You’ll have the choice of studying for either a  Junior Advertising Creative or Junior Content Producer Apprenticeship  qualification.

The Agency

At Ogilvy we make brands matter. We make them matter for years, for quarters and for right now.  There is a prevailing wisdom or narrative that perhaps brands no longer matter as much in the era of micro-targeting, technology and perfect data.  But we believe that brands have never mattered more as navigation aids and beacons of trust for consumers We are 1200 creative problem solvers working together to get to less ordinary answers to client’s challenges