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The UKAEG marketing manager will be a fully dedicated resource to build the Group’s marketing collateral from the outset as we recruit our target of 100+ companies to join this exciting, dynamic new showcase of UK advertising. The manager will be the centre-point of the Group’s development, planning and running the marketing activities of UKAEG and ensuring members are fully engaged and capitalising on the many opportunities that will be generated each calendar year. The manager will be in control of the marketing budget for the Group, tasked with ensuring the very best value and return for the investment made. The successful candidate will report to the Advertising Association’s Director of Communication and to the UKAEG Chair, Janet Hull.



  • To create, develop and manage the marketing collateral and activities for the UK Advertising Export Group, presenting its membership to a global audience of advertising and marketing services buyers.
  • To achieve this through a combination of world-class marketing materials for the UK advertising industry, from the creation and management of an online showcase to printed guides for UK embassies, through bespoke media partnerships with industry trade media, brilliant, coordinated content on social media channels to on-the-ground presence at major international industry events.
  • To track performance of the group and its members, at an industry-level but also on a case-by-case basis to identify how the marketing efforts of the group contribute to lead generation and, ultimately, success in growing exports of UK advertising and marketing services.
  • To work closely with the Advertising Association’s communication and events functions, tapping into the skills offered across this resource and also working with suppliers and partners to produce brilliant marketing assets for the Group and its members.

 Skills and experience

  • The successful candidate will have spent 5+ years working within the UK advertising and marketing industry, ideally in a B2B marketing role.
  • They will have experience of delivering lead generation campaigns for UK advertising businesses.
  • They will have the capabilities to build and run marketing campaigns across online, social, trade media channels and at industry events.
  • They will have a real passion for UK advertising and how to promote its strengths in a high-impact, highly visible way at the biggest industry events worldwide.
  • With the support of the UKAEG leadership team, they will be able to manage and run a collective group of companies to present the very best of UK advertising to the world.
  • The successful candidate will be an independent and capable operator, with strong planning and management skills and the ability and desire to work directly on areas such as website development, social media content, media partnerships and event activities. This is both a thinking and doing role, perfect for someone who wants to make their mark as a brilliant B2B marketer in the advertising industry.


Further information

Please download the UKAEG flyer for full details of the Group and its planned activities

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UK Advertising Export Group (UKAEG)

In 2020, we will be launching the UK Advertising Export Group (UAEG) to grow exports of advertising and marketing services around the world and support the international growth of UK advertising and marketing companies. The UK Advertising Export Group is an industry partnership with UK government, backed by a projected £1M annual promotional budget to accelerate profile and lead generation opportunities in key international territories including China, Japan, South Korea, North America and Europe.