Mx Manager (Account Manager)

Job description

Mx Manager
Mx roles are core to taking us back to the craft of media. Focussing on client problems and media solutions and strategies; reducing emphasis on administration you are the Guardians of working through the Mx System and the subsequent delivery to clients.
All rounders who can have well informed client conversations; channel neutrality and brand, performance, [content] skillsets geared towards the needs of the clients. A focus on the discipline of media experiences with accountability into the Chief Planning Director and Managing Partner.
The Mx Manager is a key role in the Big 6 making sure that you support the Mx Partner and Mx Director to ensure each of your clients has the optimal Mx in place. The role sits between strategy and activation in the Mx System and is the point where the strategy is translated into a Media Experience (Mx) for clients.

This person is still learning, they should be hungry to be learning every new channel and developments in all media channels. They should be curious about the worlds of business, audiences, marketing, comms and media. They should care about whether their clients and colleagues care about the importance of Mx. They should want to improve our Mx responses every time a brief lands.

Specific Roles and Responsibilities
Support the identification of overall strategic requirements based on client and brief with the Mx Partner and/or Mx Director. Support the creation of optimal Mx, defined as: Mx = Connection x Context x Content
This should be achieved through:
• Helping to identify and define target audience(s) built out from APT in conjunction with other tools e.g TGI
• Budget allocation across channels based on audience and objective e.g. Spectrum
• Learning how to allocate budget with specialist knowledge on econometrics and attribution
• Inputting into recommendations on optimum context based on client, brief and strategy
• Inputting into recommendations on optimum content based on client, brief and strategy
• Delivery of overall schematic and articulation of how channels work together
• Inputting to development of a measurement framework including KPIs and methodology in conjunction with specialists
Once the Mx has been created, you will then be responsible for creation and presentation of the story that sells this into the client. From here you will then need to:
• Create the brief (inc. supporting material) and work out how best to share with relevant internal specialist teams
• Work with Mx team to act as quality control on detailed plan recommendations to ensure that they deliver against Mx and overall strategy
• Along with your specialist team, present back your detail response to brief for approval

From here you will be responsible for the delivery and optimisation of your Mx plan, ensuring your client is fully aware of the progress and performance of your plan. You will be responsible for:
• Meeting with specialists and/or direct media partners to debrief on approved plan
• Brief in Global IO (IOMT), which is required for Socialyse, Hub and Escelis to track internal bookings and invoicing
• Add all planned bookings on to MMS as soon as the plan is approved and the PO tracker is up to date
• Complete digital trafficking sheets and submit to AdOps, follow up with any required QA
• Receive creative from client and QA to ensure they meet specifications
• Once AdOps have created tags, share with specialist teams for set up
• QA content Social Calendars for Socialyse to set up campaign
• Work with Specialist teams to ensure to project managed to live date
• Confirm once live with specialists and QA this matches with the AdServer
• Confirm with the client the campaign is live
• Digital daily pacing, pulling adserving reports and update internal team pacing docs to flag where there may be any under / over pacing of campaigns
Weekly reporting, collating all specialist reports and adding analysis of the overall campaign to share with the client. Ensuring we cover off performance against plan, under / over delivery, as well as optimisations to achieve KPIs.
• Support specialist teams with insights and recommendations for in-flight optimisation
• Provide insightful post campaign evaluations
• Reconciliation of digital spend and adserving on a monthly basis on MMS

In addition to this you will be expected to:
• Be highly visible to clients regarding Mx discussions alongside Mx Partner and Mx Director
• Work closely with data and strategy communities to ensure that we continue to evolve the Mx that we deliver to clients
• Work collaboratively with the client leadership team to drive overall strategic relationship with client
• Build relationships with creative / content stakeholders to ensure that content is optimised to the Mx recommendation
• Build relationships with key media owners to help evolve Mx recommendations and stay on top of industry developments
• Support new business efforts
• Keep on top of the latest thinking on how media works e.g. Byron Sharp, Binet & Field
• To provide support to the team including competitive insight/analysis

The Package

Full competitive benefits package (see attached document)

The Agency

Havas Media

Havas Media Group
At Havas Media, we are passionate about helping our clients create Meaningful Brands by reimagining valuable experiences. Our smart thinking around enhancing consumer experiences means we deliver more measurable, meaningful moments between brands and people. We call this Mx (Meaningful Media Experiences); thinking about how we connect consumers to the right content in the right context.
We are based in London’s King’s Cross – one of 24 agencies which make up the Havas Village. As others attempt – and struggle – to integrate and simplify their offer, we continue to pioneer the UK’s only truly integrated model within our King’s Cross Village. We are the only UK Media Agency to share a single building with every other specialist business in our network, all under a single P&L - which means we can draw on broader expertise to create bespoke teams - while boasting a unique and unparalleled entertainment offering through our partnership with Vivendi.
We maximise collaboration and offer our clients a powerful combination of creative, content and media excellence, scale, agility and innovation. This means we can field our very best people and change our shape according to the needs of each client and brief we work with.

The role we play – our manifesto
Havas exists to deliver our clients with brilliant media, content and data solutions. We’re constantly looking for creative ways to reach the people that matter to our clients’ businesses.
Our restless nature means that we challenge what has been done before; question what is being asked of us; and innovate at every opportunity. We uncover evidence to support our thinking and prove our success. We believe in sometimes taking a healthy amount of risks, knowing that we are supported no matter what the outcome.
In the Village, our colleagues are our family; we are only as good as the people with whom we collaborate, and we treat them with the respect they deserve. We believe our people and the way we behave makes us a great partner for our clients, our partners and our colleagues.