IPA On... Ageism: Kate Bruges and Ayesha Walawalkar

IPA Podcast

Ayesha Walawalkar and Kate Bruges discuss the representation of over 50s in advertising, from the perspective of employees within agencies as well as the representation in adverts.

Despite the growing societal shift towards an ageing workforce, this trend isn’t reflected in the advertising industry with the average age of employees down from 34.6 years in 2021 to 34.4 years in 2022. Kate and Ayesha discuss this from their personal life experience and their own research. As Kate states what is needed is to 'retain, retrain and recruit in that order'.

Episode Highlights:

  • Progressive invisibility for the ageing workforce
  • Ageing stereotypes in the industry
  • Ageism as an unconscious bias that many people fall into without realising
  • Lack of opportunities and training for the ageing workforce
  • Misjudged advertising targeted at people above 50
  • The importance of the language
  • The age of 'invisibility' for women is reported at 50 compared with 60 for men

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Last updated 07 December 2023