IPA On... Tokenism: Matthew Chew and Matt Foster

IPA Podcast

This episode of IPA On… delves into the critical topic of avoiding tokenism in the advertising industry. Our expert guests, Matthew Chew, EssenceMediacom and Matt Foster, Ogilvy, unpack the complex issue of tokenism in advertising, exploring the ways the industry can create inclusive, meaningful, and impactful change both on and off-screen.

Episode Highlights:

  • The definition of tokenism and its implications in advertising campaigns.
  • Real-world examples of tokenism's impact on diverse communities.
  • Personal experiences, including how tokenism has played out in their careers and campaigns.
  • The importance of aligning internal policies with external messaging.
  • Approaches to D&I beyond event-based marketing efforts.
  • Strategies employed by agencies to tackle tokenism, both internally, in campaigns and in collaboration with clients.
  • How diverse communities can be actively engaged in the creative process to avoid tokenism.
  • How the Barbie movie is or isn’t helping representation.

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Last updated 07 December 2023