IPA On… Breaking taboos: Kit Altin and Vicky Janaway

IPA Podcast

This IPA On... episode looks at how adverts can help break taboos and normalise the conversations surrounding perceived shameful or embarrassing topics, through the lens of The Gate’s award-winning campaigns on Anusol, bum’s the word, a cream for piles and Replens, sex never gets old, a moisturising cream for dry vaginas.

Kit and Vicky discuss bums among other matters, including:

• Dissecting their adverts on Anusol and Replens.
• How British humour is the best way to break taboo topics, as the British are leaders in toilet humour.
• How the Anusol campaign aims to educate by giving a diagnosis as well as removing the shame.
• Don’t treat the female body as a problem that needs solving.
• The importance of adverts on behavioural change, but also not to exaggerate their impact – the issue with purpose washing.
• Don’t slip into stereotypes.

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Last updated 12 June 2024