Audio Everywhere – Understanding the world of Audio

Find out about the latest TouchPoints data on the world audio.

This presentation is based on IPA TouchPoints 2019 dataset. It was produced to celebrate 2020 Audio Week but unsurprisingly this event has been cancelled. We wanted TouchPoints subscribers to have the content regardless.

The audio sector is huge - 91% of GB adults listen to Radio/Audio content each week, listening for 2hrs 23mins of radio/audio on an average day. Audio plays an important role in our lives, and understanding the where, when and how much is important for planning and targeting this medium.

The presentation Audio Everywhere – Understanding the world of Audio describes the TouchPoints methodology, how audio fits in the media day, the audio landscape, the audio device landscape and of course key takeaways.

TouchPoints is the IPA’s unique consumer-centric, cross-media, cross-device database which utilises a nationally representative sample of over 6000 adults (15+ in GB). TouchPoints provides an unbiased and consistent view of how our media consumption is changing over time. The survey is media neutral and provides context for all media consumption.

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