Calling for new TouchPoints Case Studies

We are now collating the latest case studies in order to bring you the finest examples of TouchPoints usage.

We are now collating the latest case studies in order to form the third volume of our TouchPoints Works publication, bringing you the finest examples of TouchPoints usage.

Why do it?

The TouchPoints Works publication is a compilation of case studies from a broad range of our subscribers, whether you’re an agency or not. Submitting a case study will not only cement your campaign and agency in our reputable publication, it can elevate your professional profile with a possibility of presenting your case study at our upcoming TouchPoints 2020 Launch and other key events throughout the year.

What is it exactly?

The first part begins by setting the background for example, the state of the market, brand perception, positioning in relation to competitors and existing strategies. Then we have the challenge, which can be articulated in 3 to 5 bullet points. In the next section, we want to know how TouchPoints added strategic value to the planning of your campaign with examples of research, audience builds, media habits, channel plans etc. The penultimate section looks at the refined communication strategy and the execution. Finally, the last section is a wrap up with 3 to 5 bullet points summarising the results and how TouchPoints helped. We recommend a total of 500-600 words with supporting graphs and data if possible. This is all detailed in the case study form.

When and where?

The launch of TouchPoints 2020 will take place in September. To be in with a chance of presenting your case study, you would need to submit at least two months ahead, by Monday 10 July. We run also four TouchPoints events and four Champions events throughout the year so there are more opportunities in case you can’t make the launch.

How do I go about this?

Simply fill in the editable PDF form, following the guideline as closely as possible. Once you are done, please email and we will handle the design. We promise to keep the back and forth as minimal as possible so as to make this as smooth as it can be. We’re happy to keep to anonymise brand names if that is a concern for you or your client.

So what?

It’s free and it will do you anything but harm.

For any additional questions, please email