Legal Update 31 October 2019

Cyber attacks, changes to YouTube treatment of children's personal data , CAP Call for Evidence on Children’s Recognition of Online Ads

Latest Legal News

    Cyber attacks

    We would like to remind agencies of the dangers of cyber/phishing attacks. The IPA was recently notified by one of our members that they had received a bogus email which appeared to be a genuine IPA communication, notifying the agency of the IPA’s change of bank details. We have sent no such email. On receipt of any email announcing a change of bank account details, best practice would be – before opening any attachment or link - to contact the organisation from which the email purports to come, by telephone, to check whether the email is genuine. Please see our previous advice to agencies.

    Changes to YouTube treatment of children’s personal data

    Following its settlement with the US Federal Trade Commission in relation to children’s data privacy, Google announced that they are making changes to YouTube to address the substance of the FTC's concerns and will apply these changes globally.
    The changes, which will be rolled out from January, include:
    • moving families over to YouTube Kids through notifications and educating parents about its benefits;
    • identifying Made for Kids content on YouTube via a combination of input from creators and machine learning; and
    • no longer serving personalised ads on Made for Kids, for all users regardless of age, and serving only contextual ads on this content. In addition, contextual ads on videos Made for Kids on YouTube will also have the same category restrictions as YouTube Kids.

    CAP Call for Evidence on Children’s Recognition of Online Ads

    The Committee of Advertising Practice (CAP) has issued a call for evidence on children’s ability to recognise online marketing communications. The call is to help with CAP’s 12 month review of its guidance on ad recognition in online environments. Submissions are invited by 5pm on 5 December.