Dear Liz... how do I keep motivated at work?

Many key members of my team at work have recently announced that they are leaving the company. With the team’s morale low, how do I keep motivated?

The crop of invitations to leaving drinks and leaving speeches always causes a bit of a ripple in an agency as we watch our friends move on. On a human level, we know that everything is temporary and the millennial generation have itchy feet to explore the world and to have new experiences. The challenge may come for some of us when we see senior people leaving, our team colleagues and the people who inspire us.

I would suggest that you remind yourself that people will continue to come and go in agency life. And as one leaves a new one arrives. During periods of personal transition and change, I suggest that you focus on what is key for you in your working life and what are the key ingredients for you in 2017. This way you keep focused on your north star and what is important to you, rather than being unsettled by what everyone else around you is up to. As the Dalai Lama says, "do not let the behaviour of others disturb your inner peace."

It is also natural to think that everyone else has it all sorted and you are being left behind in some way. Comparing ourselves to others is also not helpful as we are all working to our own agendas and plans. And remember, the grass is only greener if someone has been watering it!

Think about other ways you can get involved in agency life; can you sign up to be a mentor, become a learning and development champion, run a workshop, contribute to the graduate programme, or find yourself a mentor. Revisit why you joined your agency in the first place and remind you of what the original attraction was and reignite that.

If you are managing a team, be aware that your thoughts and feelings will leak, even if you do not express your concerns. So get together as a team, set a new focus for your client and your team, build in some development and some inspiring social pieces to enjoy together. And, hey Spring is springing, so keep those positive thoughts coming!

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Last updated 21 January 2022