Get your entry level roles in front of a highly targeted talent pool

Nick Hoile, Marketing Manager at the IPA, on how you can streamline the job search process for students and graduates using the new Debut App.

Finding entry level candidates can be an arduous task – multiple search platforms and long application forms make the process far from user friendly; so why aren’t more employers using an app to make the process easier for all involved?

Courtesy of the IPA, over the next six months you can access some of the 100,000+ university graduates doing just that via the newest industry recruitment app, Debut, which is storming the market with its innovative two-way recruitment process that serves both the employer and the candidate in equal measures.

Launched in 2015 by graduate entrepreneur Charlie Taylor, Debut has already transformed the way hundreds of thousands of students and graduates enter the careers market, stopping traditional online job boards in their tracks with a focus on candidate experience, mobile technology innovation and quality over quantity.

Debut simplifies the process and offers both the applicant and the employer a fast and easy matching process that can save graduate employers both time and money. As an employer you can make contact directly with a candidate that matches your criteria, thus speeding up the recruitment process.

The app also boasts an impressive mix of potential candidates currently signed up, with 43% of registered users having studied / currently studying STEM subjects, so perfect for those looking to recruit into technical roles. Furthermore, if your priority is to increase diversity, 35% of registered users are from BAME backgrounds.

Several agencies have already begun utilising the platform, with Arthur Jones from AMV BDDO describing Debut as:

”An invaluable partner for AMV BBDO in 2017, helping us to reach and connect with entry-level candidates from a wider range of socioeconomic backgrounds than ever before. It was super simple to provide Debut with the profiles of candidates that we often feel aren’t reached through our other channels (university outreach, social media posts and careers events), and we were hugely impressed by the calibre of the applications we received as a direct result of our partnership. We went on to hire a Debut candidate in 2017 who is absolutely excelling within the agency.”

If you’d like to access the talent currently using Debut, the IPA has partnered with the app to offer a limited number of job cards* - each including one ‘talent spot’ (Ability for you identify likely candidates and nudge them to apply for your role.) round. We can offer these to agencies on a first come, first served basis. Each advertised position is valued at £5,000 if you go to Debut directly. For a limited time only, £1,000 can guarantee your agency access to a pool of diverse, targeted candidates eager to enter the advertising profession.

If you are recruiting graduates this year, Debut is the app for you.

To sign up for Debut, please contact Nick Hoile

*Job card – One job card equals one job posting. You can recruit as many candidates as required from a single job card.

Last updated 21 January 2022