My Favourite Five Ads: Beth Hazon

To celebrate the IPA's centenary this year, we are asking adland's finest to pick their top five ads from the past century. This week Beth Hazon, Managing Director at Drummond Central picks her "eclectic mix" of ads, ranging from Old Lions to party proof kitchens and... blue blood unicorns.

So I've thought long and hard about my favourite five ads from the past 100 years. Trouble is, I haven't been around that long so I'd feel like a bit of a charlatan using some ads that are from before my time which didn't have a personal impact on me. That's why I've limited my search to the 35 years I've been on this planet. The following handful of ads have either stuck in my mind on an emotional level – the front of mind space we're all trying to get at or made me part with my cash instantly. It’s an eclectic mix. Here we go:

Carlsberg, Old Lions 

If you're a football fan, hell, if you've watched any of the England games over the past 20 years, this will strike a chord. For me, it showcases the Carlsberg proposition at its best. It pulls on the heartstrings, has a great use of humour and I love the subtle nods to football fans. Maybe it's my North East roots that make me like it so much – the use of Sir Bobby Robson, or the fact my 86-year-old granddad looks like Jack Charlton. Either way – I love it.

Milky Way, Red Car Blue Car 

I can still recall the words as a 35-year-old woman and this ad is from 28 years ago. It demonstrates the power of a well-crafted tune.This, and the Fresh Prince theme tune, are two songs my generation can recite word for word. Advertising gold.

Bodyform, Blood Normal 

Very recent, but really important. This is the first ad in the history of ads to show period blood as actual blood – red blood, not the blue blood unicorns have on their periods. For those of you reading who are squeamish about periods, they happen every month for 49% of the population. Embrace it (as we have) - it's normal.

IKEA, Party Proof Kitchens

Again, the power of a good song. A perfect fit for the Jona Lewie track – love the nod to him at the start of the ad with the quip, "Alright Jona" and his cameo. It appealed to first-timers buyers like me and achieved the previously unattained challenge of making kitchens cool – party proof kitchen? Yes, please. Sign me up.

Gap, Everybody in Chords

After seeing this ad once, all I wanted was a pair of Gap chords. The entire campaign and their usage of good tracks throughout the 90s - Everybody in Leather, Everybody in Vests, followed by their Khaki campaign made this store my mecca. The alternative to Levis. They were the cool kids and I wanted to be in their gang.


Beth Hazon is Managing Director at Drummond Central 


Last updated 21 January 2022