Robin Gadsby: What makes him tick?

10 Questions thrown at the Founder & CEO of Forever Beta

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If serendipity loving Robin Gadsby, Founder & CEO of Forever Beta, wouldn't be helping brands like O2, Google or Co-op to launch to market, he would be a professional footballer.

Robin Gadsby in his own words

"Founder & Chief Executive Officer of Forever Beta for the last nine years. Highlights so far: Launched Forever Beta in 2010 from my kitchen in Clapham during the worst economic climate. Now 45 people talented people working with brands like Google, Etihad, Co-op. Previously six years at VCCP helping launch O2 to market. Summary, originally from Nottingham, lots of VCCP highlights, Forever Beta and lots of big things to come ;-)."

1. If your house was burning down, what one thing would you save (excluding people and pets)?

"Hercules' by JJ Adams. Number one of ten in the world. So lucky to have this rare piece of art. I would grab that bad boy out of my office.

2. What is your favourite word?


3. What do you wish you’d invented?

The planet. So I could have built a selection of principles to protect it. I’m not happy with the current efforts.

4. If it wasn’t advertising, what career would you have chosen?

Professional footballer.

5. What have been your best and worst business decisions?

Best: Setting up Forever Beta - our creative and innovation company.

Worst: Every time I’ve not followed my gut.

6. What is your most over told personal anecdote?

I’ve saved two people's lives. Literally. Ask me when I see you next.

7. What’s been the best thing you’ve read recently (article, book, tweet etc)?

"Enlightenment Now" by Steven Pinker.

8. What’s your most hated business jargon?

I heard some tw*t in Cannes say “Yeah we need to sunset that idea".

9. What advice would you give your younger self?

Keep going...

10. What song or film has influenced you the most?

Midnight Run - Robert De Niro (pure perseverance to deliver).

Quick fire questions

  1. Breakfast / lunch / dinner?

  2. Cats or dogs?
    Both. We need harmony.

  3. City, sea, fields or mountains?
    The British countryside (so field).

  4. Early bird or night owl?
    Whatever you need me to be.

  5. Head or heart?
    Heart. Every time.
Last updated 21 January 2022