What's Inspired Psembi Kinstan?

In the latest edition of our 'What's inspired you?' column, BBH's Psembi Kinstan takes a look why youngsters that dance "the border between genius and madman" inspire him not to lose sight of his own craziness.


Not of the Owen Wilson and Vince Vaughn past-the-prime-of-their career variety.

But the relentlessly enthusiastic creative young’uns scavenging leftover catering from meeting rooms.

They can, on occasion, offer more daily inspiration than blogs and industry rags put together.

Interns are inspiring for their blessed passion and Sisyphean attitude, throwing themselves on briefs big, small or doomed. Less cynical than a born-again evangelical puppy, their bright eyes scream “I would love to have a go writing that email copy” and their broad smiles thank you when they’re asked to write a dozen headlines on a shelf wobbler. But given bigger opportunities, every so often they can do wonders.

Interns inspire me with their untrained creativity that tap dances the border between genius and madman.

“So we’re going to kill the world’s last white rhino to bring attention to its species’ plight.”

I can’t say it wouldn’t work. But I fear you may have missed the point.

“We take the brand mascot and show it dying of dehydration to advertise the new faster drying product.”

You. Guys. Are. Sick.

“We make a sperm bank that only accepts dyslexic spunk.”

Bloody nutter. (Okay, that one actually was a good idea.)

Young teams, not quite yet grasping the nature of what we define as an ‘good idea’ are creative in the what-the-hell-have-you-been-smoking kind of way. And sometimes, their ideas are unbelievably good.   

Sure, nearly all of it is rubbish. But amongst the stinking corpses of dead dogs and rhinos are some true gems.

Uninhibited by any understanding of ‘right’ or ‘wrong’ (or ethics as it seems), interns inspire me every single day to not lose sight of my own craziness.

And to paraphrase the BBH CCO Pelle Sjoenell, every so often we chance upon the most wonderful right idea by jumping just a millimetre away from wrong.

Psembi Kinstan is Associate Creative Director at BBH London.


Last updated 21 September 2020