Advertising Works 17

Advertising Works 17 showcases 23 prize winning 2008 IPA Effectiveness Awards case papers, which are supported by key, chapter-long new learning insights by leading industry practitioners, and includes a free DVD. Members receive a 15% discount on this product.

Advertising Works 17

Book reviews  
"This is a very impressive publication, which I look forward to reading over the next few weeks! I think of this as on the same level as the Academy Awards for the advertising industry." 
Thayne Forbes, Joint Managing Director, Intangible Business  

"Sixteen volumes later and this series gets more impressive."
Research Magazine, June 2009

Extract from the Advertising Works 17 introduction

“… the new learning chapters are primarily intended to stimulate the reader. Whatever your response to the views expressed it is hoped that they will fulfil this objective. Some use the winning cases from 2008 to provide perspective. Others are more general ruminations on the issues surrounding payback and accountability in the marketing arena.

Les Binet on payback calculations is a must-read for any advertising or marketing practitioner, let alone prospective author of an IPA case. Drawing on Measuring Marketing Payback, this piece explains the calculation of payback and pitfalls therein.

In effectiveness and two-thirds of the human race, Tim Broadbent describes the growth of the effectiveness culture in the Asian market. The debut of papers from this region offers fascinating glimpses into what to many of us is unfamiliar territory.

Nick Manning highlights the exemplars of best practice among the 2008 winners from the perspective of the two key media principles - consumer touchpoints and engagement planning.

Greg Grimmer casts a critical eye over the world of online effectiveness and warns against confusing counting actions and responses with measuring contribution to revenue or profit.