TouchPoints Champions - December 2021

Year Round Up and Beyond

The IPA TouchPoints team run through the results of our latest TouchPoints data, preview our new Making Sense report and outline the new IPA TouchPoints Essentials Certificate


    TouchPoints Champions Webinar Recording

    TouchPoints Champions - Dec 2021 from The IPA on Vimeo.

    TouchPoints Update 2021 (Summary of new 2021 data) and beyond

    The latest findings from TouchPoints 2021 wave 2 including how media usage has changed.

    What can the TouchPoints 2021 Qual data tell us about life after the pandemic?

    TouchPoints 2021 Qualitative data and how experiences of the pandemic have been both similar and vastly different for people.

    Feedback request – TouchPoints Ad Exposure Metric Development

    new idea to incorporate an advertising exposure metric into TouchPoints to help look at ad bombardment and excessive frequency by media. Please contact Graeme with any feedback.

    A preview of the Making Sense 4 report on commercial media coming February 2022 

    A brief run-through of some of the top-line findings from the upcoming Making Sense: The Commercial Media Landscape Report. 

    New TouchPoints Essentials Certificate and Champions opportunities

    The new TouchPoints Essentials certificate has been launched and offers 2 hours of CPD learning and a TouchPoints qualification when you pass.

    The new TouchPoints tea towel for 2021 is available for free now, you just need to sign up and it will be delivered to your door along with a seed card to grow some wildflowers.

    We have 4 meetings scheduled for 2022 starting in late February, and we would like to feature some of the fantastic work you are doing within your organisation. If you would like the opportunity to present to the Champions group then please get in touch

    For further information, please contact