Thank you for applying

Thank you for submitting your application for IPA membership.

We look forward to welcoming you into the community and will work with you to complete the next steps in the application process, outlined below.

  1. Your application will be reviewed and checked internally by the IPA team.
    (The contents of the application form will be treated in the strictest confidence by the IPA and will be seen by IPA personnel only.)
  2. We will be in touch shortly to arrange for a representative of our Membership Committee to come and visit your agency. We do this for all applicant agencies, and we simply ask that you treat the Membership Committee visitor as you would a new business prospect (i.e. show them around your offices, introduce them to your key people, take them through your standard creds).
  3. Following this visit, the Membership Committee as a whole meet to review all applications received. Assuming all goes well at this meeting, you will then receive a letter confirming all the key details, which we would ask you to sign and return before the IPA Council meeting.
  4. We will notify all MDs and senior contacts in existing member agencies of agencies who are applying for membership ahead of the IPA Council meeting for feedback.
  5.  The final stage in the application process will be to seek the approval of the IPA Council at its next meeting. Following this, you will be sent a confirmation letter from Paul Bainsfair welcoming you into membership (which would include your subscription invoice) and to arrange an induction session for your team to ensure they are aware of all the services and benefits the IPA has to offer.

Any questions please do not hesitate to contact our Head of New Business, Aisling Conlon.

Aisling Conlon

Aisling Conlon

Head of New Business

Office Number

0207 201 8240

Last updated 05 December 2019