Big Cat is a no-nonsense marketing communications agency headquartered in Birmingham.

We believe in a thing we call CREATIVE CLARITY. Whether it’s advertising, brand and design, PR services or digital, we think the most effective communications are the most simple.

We believe the message is more important than the medium, so we simplify messages down to their most communicative forms, constantly evaluating how we’ve achieved single mindedness through our communications.

The most effective way to get to the heart of a problem is by being direct, honest and open; balancing creativity with meaningfulness to get our clients noticed for the right reasons.

We’ve entered a time where the power of communication has transferred from communicator, to those with whom we’re communicating with, so it’s more important than ever to control your brand when it’s in the hands of the many, across a myriad delivery platforms.

Sector Experience

  • Charities
  • Drink
  • Education
  • Entertainment/Leisure
  • Food
  • Government departments
  • Business/Industrial
  • Retail
  • Health/Social Services

Our Clients

  • Aspire
  • CLDF
  • Rospa
  • YMCA
  • Birmingham LGBT
  • Clatterbridge Cancer Centre
  • University Hospitals Birmingham
  • Heart of England Foundation Trust
  • Absolutely Leisure Group
  • West Midlands Combined Authority
  • Midlands Connect
  • Solihull Community Housing
  • Black Country Housing Group
  • Bright Minds Daycare
  • RightTrack Consultancy
  • Pharmacy Insurance Agency
  • Capital & Regional
  • Colliers



Anthony Tattum

Founder & CEO


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