Bethany Timpson


5 MIPA Stars

Your Statement

As an MIPA accredited Senior Account Manager, I love blending my passion for science and the healthcare industry with project management, to create enticing and successful communication strategies. I am thriving in the creative opportunities within pharmaceutical marketing and have managed an expansive range of projects; including film and animation, events and advisory boards and sales aids to name a few. I have experience working in both internal communications within pharmaceutical companies as well as external communications with HCPs and patients, ensuring they all fit into the overall strategy.

IPA Qualifications and Courses

Dates Qualification / Course MIPA Stars
Dates 2018 Qualification / CourseLegRegs Certificate MIPA Stars
Dates 2018 Qualification / CourseStrategic Bootcamp MIPA Stars
Dates 2018 Qualification / CourseFoundation Certificate MIPA Stars
Dates 2016 Qualification / CourseCommercial Certificate MIPA Stars