Lily Marie Cameron


7 MIPA Stars

Your Statement

Trying to make the world a better place one strategy at a time

Career highlights

UK Cannes Young Lions Shortlist 2015 (Media Category). My colleague and I had 24 hours to write a media strategy for NSPCC, and our submission was shortlisted down to the final 5.

IPA Qualifications and Courses

Dates Qualification / Course MIPA Stars
Dates 2018 Qualification / CourseEff Test Certificate MIPA Stars
Dates 2016 Qualification / CourseCommercial Certificate MIPA Stars
Dates 2015 Qualification / CourseLegRegs Certificate MIPA Stars
Dates 2014 Qualification / CourseFoundation Certificate MIPA Stars

Other qualifications

Year Qualifications / Course From
Year2018 Qualifications / CourseIntroduction to Moderating From MRS
Year2018 Qualifications / CourseStrategic Thinking From APG