EACA workshop "The Future of Work"

Facilitated by Deloitte Consulting

It is no longer a secret that COVID-19 changed the way we think about work and what should change for the better. 61% of executives asked in Deloitte’s recent Human Capital Trends survey indicates a strong focus on re-imagining work in the next three years - up from 29% prior to the pandemic.

While in the long-term organizations are asking themselves where work will take place in the future, on the short term the pandemic has provided us with very clear challenges:
• How do we return to work safely?
• What will a hybrid workplace in the new normal look like?
• How do we stay creative and competitive in a future workplace?
• How do we adapt our company culture and leadership to support our wellbeing as well as our business results?

Join the conversation and share your own experiences!

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Last updated 21 July 2021