36 IPA member agencies awarded for excellence in professional development

Thirty-six IPA member agencies have been awarded CPD Gold accreditation for their outstanding professional development programmes. These agencies have made a thorough commitment to learning and an evident improvement to the lives of their agency staff and to the development of their business. They were presented with their certificates at the IPA Members’ Lunch today (26 April 2017).

Thirty-six IPA member agencies have been awarded CPD Gold accreditation for their outstanding professional development programmes. These agencies have made a thorough commitment to learning and an evident improvement to the lives of their agency staff and to the development of their business. They were presented with their certificates at the IPA Members’ Lunch today (26 April 2017).

View the photos from the Members' Lunch, including the pictures of the Gold CPD winners, here. 

The Gold accredited agencies are:

•              23red

•              Abbott Mead Vickers BBDO

•              agenda21 Digital

•              Amplifi

•              BMB

•              Bray Leino

•              Carat

•              CHI & Partners

•              Cuttsy + Cuttsy

•              FCB Inferno

•              Generation Media

•              gyro London

•              Hunterlodge Advertising

•              iProspect

•              Karmarama

•              Manning Gottlieb OMD

•              Material

•              MBA

•              MC&C

•              MEC London

•              MediaCom Edinburgh

•              MediaCom

•              MediaCom North

•              MullenLowe London

•              NOW

•              Ogilvy & Mather London

•              OgilvyOne Worldwide

•              OMD

•              PHD Media

•              Posterscope, PSI and MKTG

•              Southpaw

•              Starcom 

•              Mediavest | Spark

•              Total Media

•              Vizeum

•              Wieden+Kennedy London

•              woolley pau gyro

Says Jennifer Elworthy, Chair of Judges and Director of Marketing and Communications, Freesat, “This year we have a bumper crop of agencies, with 36 being awarded Gold. Those that are doing CPD well are professional, dedicated and seeing increased revenue as a result of training their teams.  As a client, this can only be a good thing – working with a highly skilled agency will lead to strong campaigns that hit objectives and deliver growth for my business. The panel were incredibly impressed with the levels of ambition, commercial acumen and focus on wellbeing that the submissions highlighted.  Congratulations to the winners!”

Says Patrick Mills, Director of Professional Development, IPA, “Once again agencies have come up trumps with their initiatives in Continuous Professional Development. The 2016 submissions for CPD Gold Accreditation were simply outstanding, showing how investment in talent can really drive business success. Congratulations to all of them.”

To achieve the IPA CPD Gold accreditation, agencies were required to write a paper which demonstrated the effectiveness of their training and development programme on their business success. Their submissions revealed that they take a holistic approach to professional development regardless of the size of the available budget and that they show creativity in building an energetic learning culture, in support of real business objectives. The agencies also provided clear evidence that CPD practice is not merely an add-on to operations but lies at the heart of their business, fuelling commercial success.

The IPA’s CPD programme offers inspirational career development and training through engaging and effective courses and award-winning qualifications, ensuring agency practitioners’ skills match their clients’ needs.

More information can be found here or by contacting Sarahv@ipa.co.uk.


See below for the full citations:


23red show exactly what it is that sets apart a CPD gold agency. With their CPD culture being a key pillar of their business strategy, they deliver great results for their staff, their clients and of course the agency.


Abbott Mead Vickers BBDO       

AMV BBDO continue to show how best-practice CPD can be delivered at scale to great effect. The way they talk about CPD makes it clear that this is very much a part of who they are as an agency and that CPD is in their DNA.  


agenda21 Digital            

Agenda21 have made a solid case for Gold in 2016 and used their fun-loving culture to bring CPD to life. They have ‘done the little things well’ - they know their culture and what they stand for and are well on their way to harnessing the power of this in future years.



Amplifi has achieved the Gold standard for their CPD culture through the effective marriage of a range of strategic development initiatives with a true understanding of results they set out to achieve.



BMB’s CPD culture permeates every idea, initiative and approach taken to learning. They truly understand how to leverage their values and beliefs in order to create value for their clients and an inspiring place to work.


Bray Leino        

Yet again Bray Leino have produced a beautiful and creative submission. But this is not just window dressing. There is real substance too. The Strategic Development Plan is focused around four clear business objectives and CPD activity is well designed to help the team meet these objectives.     

We were particularly impressed with the breadth and depth of the ‘Brilliant Basics’ programme and the fact that it is so well implemented using experienced internal resource. We also admire the excellent Leadership programme which embraces leadership at all levels…. Great job!



The thing that stood out for us in the submission form Carat was the impact of the ‘Make Bravery Happen week’             

This was a massive commitment and challenged the business and all attending to live the mantra of the agency and make it come alive by ‘doing rather than talking about doing’.            

Culture can be an intangible sprinkle of magic dust that can set a business apart from its competitors. Carat have made their culture more overt and more tangible and hence more differentiating by this excellent week of activities. The team at Carat, and their clients, will benefit.


CHI & Partners

The submission is very clearly written and a simple story well told.        

It was refreshing to see such a simple approach that captured so well the key objectives, the main activities and testimonials and ROI calculations.            

It’s great to see a submission and a programme that does, as they say, ‘what it says on the tin’!


Cuttsy + Cuttsy

Cuttsy + Cuttsy have harnessed their strong CPD culture to drive the business forwards into a new phase, leaning on some clever initiatives, internal knowledge sharing and a fabulous approach to development.


FCB Inferno        

FCB Inferno have an extremely well embedded CPD culture which has showcased a measurable impact on their business success. Their approach to learning evaluation is industry leading, meaning they truly understand the worth of CPD and how to harness the very best interventions to greatest effect.


Generation Media           

Generation Media has produced a thorough and professional submission, with excellent examples of how to demonstrate the commercial value of CPD to the agency. The enthusiasm shines through everywhere.


gyro London    

gyro have had a year of growth and development which has been clearly underpinned by a thoughtful commitment to promoting the growth and learning of the team. This has been delivered in a number of innovative ways.


Hunterlodge Advertising           

By continually improving their planning, delivery and evaluation, and providing excellent support to professionalising our industry, Hunterlodge have achieved an 8th Gold award and 4th Platinum. There is a big shared base of knowledge at this agency, exemplary.



iProspect has embedded CPD and shows the journey from plan, through delivery to evaluation, and a clear picture of the benefits to the business and the return on the investment in learning.  They also have some very clever ways CPD can help the business.



Karmarama could see change on the horizon, and used CPD effectively and thoughtfully to prepare for it. Impressive.


Manning Gottlieb OMD  

The agency demonstrated really refreshing approach to using learning and staff development to handle growth and change with the maximum effectiveness. Clever and thoughtful.



Material is a fine example of an agency which uses a wide range of activities to promote learning at all levels, some of them very innovative. This is always a challenge in a busy agency, and one that this agency meets very well.



MBA once again are worthy CPD Platinum Award winners as they have produced a vibrant submission which conveys their commitment to developing their people and resisting complacency in equal measure.



MC&C has produced a submission with excellent examples of how to use CPD to introduce commercial rigour to the agency. It is obvious that an enthusiasm for learning runs throughout the team, from senior management to the most junior.


MEC London    

There’s a huge variety, breadth and depth of CPD catalogued in the submission.

There are lots of great things happening, incredibly innovative ways careers can develop here.


MediaCom Edinburgh   

MediaCom Edinburgh do a brilliant job of making the most of group-level CPD resources whilst tailoring more focused activities to meet the specific strategic needs of the agency. Of particular note this year were the strides they made through their creative initiatives.



MediaCom again demonstrate their commitment to CPD with a hugely impressive array of imaginative and high quality initiatives. It is highly commendable that the programme is also kept fresh and up to date with some excellent new activities this year.


MediaCom North            

Another strong submission from MediaCom North which effectively showcases continued commitment to their people.  People at all levels are integral to the success of the Agency, which is illustrated by the focus on employees’ wellbeing as well as their development.  As the submission states:-

Happy employees = happy company = happy clients.


MullenLowe London   

Clearly senior management, in a time of merger, believes in a role for CPD in business success.



Never under-estimate the ability of committed people to step up and show everyone how to do what’s needed to break into the big time.


Ogilvy & Mather London            

Ogilvy & Mather has applied its creativity and ingenuity to applying CPD to a number of strategic and day-to-day business issues, with impressive results.


OgilvyOne Worldwide 

OgilvyOne have produced a beautiful showcase of their CPD Gold standard learning programme for 2016. The extremely high level of planning and evaluation that goes on at Ogilvy One allowed for a powerful illustration of the impact of their development from a metrics perspective.



Comprehensive analysis of OMD’s Return on its CPD Investment is apparently second nature to the Agency. This helps ensure that OMD can seek out continuous improvement through analysis of where it is achieving incremental benefits within its already high performing culture.


PHD Media         

PHD continue to do the basics of CPD really well. But what makes them stand out time and again is the commitment of their senior people to the planning and implementation of CPD; and the vast array of learning available at all levels to help with career development.


Posterscope, PSI and MKTG

People-led CPD activities were used to support a significant digital skills and knowledge drive in a time of constant and rapid change. The business had a very successful year, whilst embedding acquisitions and facing tough trading conditions.



The submission from Southpaw is a very good example of how an agency demonstrates good CPD practice and how it can be a cornerstone of the development of the agency.

It also teaches us that all teams in the agency can benefit from CPD and cascading that knowledge is a strong and very cost efficient way of managing valuable L&D budgets.

New and different approaches are fine. But good submissions also need to be solid and professional, this is what the Southpaw submission had in bucket loads


Starcom and Mediavest Spark

A very impressive entry from Starcom and Mediavest Spark. Given the departure of two long serving members of the talent team and the integration into Publicis Media, this is a reassuring sign that the future looks bright with the new CPD team.


Total Media        

The submission is a good and solid description of an agency that fully endorses CPD. A major change in the approach to media planning and its new positioning coupled with a new approach to L&D has resulted in a lot of good CPD activity leading to strong new business results.



Vizeum are worthy recipients of CPD Gold with this engaging and comprehensive submission.   The clear links between business goals and their desire to retain and develop their people in line with personal ambitions is admirable. 

Excellent use of DAN programmes, IPA courses and the internal ‘Knowledge Tree’, ensure that Vizeum employees have access to experts within Vizeum, DAN and the industry as a whole.



The submission from Wieden + Kennedy is a well written and strategically robust piece of work that makes very clear linkages between business objectives and relevant CPD activity.

It is particularly good to see an agencies distinct culture so overtly colouring a submission. It’s also very good to see how well endorsed CPD is by the senior team who are both active participants in delivering CPD but also very open about receiving and taking part in CPD activities themselves. 

This is an excellent submission. Well done!


woolley pau gyro          

This is an agency where CPD is genuinely embedded. Everyone, including the senior team, are mad keen to learn, and use learning, They get all the basics right, notably the induction and appraisal processes, which are both robust and highly supportive.

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