Are we moving beyond traditional pitching?

The IPA and ISBA are launching a new survey designed to help us understand how agencies are approaching, sourcing and responding to pitch briefs in a constantly changing industry.

Our survey asks agency leaders their opinions on different pitching methods and what they would most like to see changed.

The findings will help create a best practice blueprint for the industry to understand when to consider the practicality of an all-encompassing pitch, and demonstrate to the wider community that there are alternative progressive solutions to traditional practices.

Pedro Martins, Director at Total Media, said; “Agencies are under more pressure than ever to produce creative and innovative campaigns for their clients, and pitching can be both time consuming and expensive especially given that the average cost of pitching can be in the tens of thousands, if not more. The results of this survey will outline the areas that need improvement in the industry pitch model and offer up alternatives that could save both clients and agencies time and money.”

The anonymous survey will collate data on pitch type, duration, geographical spread and fee to draw on insight, experience and predictions from senior marketers, procurement and agency leaders.

Help us to understand how you want to see the pitch landscape change by completing our Pitch Alternatives Survey.

This latest survey forms part of the IPA and ISBA’s ongoing work in this area, housed on The Good Pitch website.

Last updated 21 January 2022