CAP request agency input into non-broadcast media placement guidance

CAP is developing new guidance on ad placement in non-broadcast media and are inviting comments, suggestions and questions. The guidance is intended to help advertisers and agencies ensure that they comply with the placement rules where age restrictions apply. CAP have said that the guidance “will be rooted firmly in ASA precedent on the alcohol and gambling media placement restrictions: CAP will not be making new policy”.

CAP would appreciate further assistance, in particular, on Annex 1 to the draft guidance. Annex 1 will comprise a list of useful links for guidance users – advertisers, agencies, media owners – so that they can get help and advice on compliance and audience measurement matters. The list as it currently stands is not as extensive as CAP had hoped.

If you have any comments, suggestions or questions on the document, available in draft here, please email Andy Taylor at CAP - AndrewT@cap.Org.UK.

Last updated 21 January 2022