EffWorks initiative to develop deeper cross-industry effectiveness

M&S, Aviva and the BBC are just some of the most recent clients to join agencies, academia and industry associations in the 2017 cross-industry, global drive for greater effectiveness, through the EffWorks initiative.

The 2017 EffWorks agenda will develop the learnings from the inaugural cross-industry 2016 Eff Week project, created to promote a culture of effectiveness and accountability in marketing from C-Suite level down (see the top ten learnings here), and will focus on three core areas:

  • Marketing marketing: the initiative will develop the case for marketing investment and return on investment in the short, medium and long term.
  • Managing marketing: it will provide awareness and understanding of how marketing works and how to write the best brief and develop the best process for planning and executing marketing programmes.
  • Monitoring marketing: it will help the industry to develop the best models, tools and techniques to plan, monitor, direct and measure the impact of marketing activity.

It will once again be supported by leading industry associations and their respective members and guided by a cross-category Advisory Board of today’s leading brand marketers and academia. As well as Aviva, BBC and M&S, Nationwide and Centrica are also new to the initiative. They will work alongside existing representatives from Unilever, Telefonica, RBS, Kraft Heinz, Jaguar Land Rover and more. Sponsors so far include BrainJuicer, Google and Thinkbox.

These latest learnings will be hosted on the new EffWorks hub (www.effworks.co.uk) and will be shared at conferences across the globe throughout 2017, including in New York, China and at a one-day Eff Week conference in London on 10th October.

Says Janet Hull, Director of Marketing Strategy at the IPA, who has spearheaded the project: “Our 2017 programme takes us to the next level, with new research to identify winning behaviours, to showcase the metrics that matter, and to demonstrate how to do data integration well. We are also expanding our IPA Databank work stream to clarify ‘How marketing works in the digital age’.”

Says Chris Hirst, CEO, Havas and Chair of the IPA Effectiveness Leadership Group: “Promoting a culture of marketing effectiveness between agencies and clients is central to our strategy, which is why, this year, we are inviting agencies to join us in hosting their own effectiveness events in Effectiveness Week, and appointing agency effectiveness champions.”

Says David Wheldon, CMO, RBS and President of WFA: “The EffWeek thought leadership conference is a great place for our industry to start to address the tough questions that we’re all asking on the topics that matter.”

Find out more at www.effworks.co.uk, on Twitter: @EffWorks, or contact Joyce@ipa.co.uk to get involved.


Last updated 21 January 2022