How we can help you diversify your workforce

Attract a wider diversity of entry-level people into your workforce

Are you looking to attract a wider diversity of entry-level people into your workforce? Are you running a talent event in 2020? If so, the IPA can help.

Our new partnership with recruitment app Debut gives IPA member agencies the opportunity to market your graduate programmes, internships and hiring opportunities to over 150,000 students – of which 43% are STEM students and 40% are from non-white backgrounds - on their app for zero cost.

Postings on the app can stay live for up to six months and people can passively apply to the job listings for free, or you can choose to push invites to your job listing or event to a specific demographic for a heavily reduced cost.

If you’d like to find out how Debut can help you make your recruitment easier, contact our Marketing Manager, Alex Buxton.

Last updated 21 January 2022