Innovation needs to move beyond lip service – IPA highlights future trends

Fifty-one per cent of individuals don’t believe their company has a strong innovation plan, 57% don’t believe their company has a process to turn ideas into reality, and 87% say they want their own company to be more innovative.

These are the findings from the 850+ cross-industry audience at the recent Trend Hunter Future Festival in Toronto, as attended and reported on by the IPA’s Head of Insight Damian Lord.

According to key highlights taken from the conference, there are both limiters and accelerants for innovation, and vital questions that agencies should be asking in order to embed change into their organisation. Read full details - including lessons from keynote speaker Trend Hunter CEO Jeremy Gutsche, in Damian’s blog.

Further insights from the conference reveal the varying characteristics of the different generations – Gen Z and tribalism, millennials and authenticity, Gen X and relationships and Baby boomers and youthfulness; examples of pioneering start-ups; the six motives of the modern consumer; and the consumer trends on the cards for 2018 that - among others - include:

  • Self-memeing – services enabling consumers to create or curate their own self-referencing content.
  • Novice adulthood – brands offering services that help young people transition into adulthood – for example the FirstCarQuote by Admiral, designed with young drivers in mind.
  • Voice Control 2.0 – for brands looking to redefine their approach to interaction, voice will play a much bigger role than previously anticipated. For example, the latest version of Bixby, Samsung’s voice assistant will learn from what you do, giving it further scope beyond its basic commands.

For full details on innovation, consumer behaviours and trends, download the insight pack, free of charge to members, and £50 to non-members.


Image courtesy of Ian Dooley - @nativemello, ian dooley@nativemello

Last updated 21 January 2022