IPA backs employee wellbeing initiative

Brilliant Creative Minds aims to protect wellbeing and creativity in advertising and communications

The IPA is officially supporting Brilliant Creative Minds to stamp out behaviours that impact employee wellbeing and diminish creativity in the advertising and communications industry.

The campaign is spearheaded by the Crown Commercial Service and Social & Local. It brings together senior leadership from the client, agency, and procurement worlds to develop a new Code of Conduct which will protect employee wellbeing and, in turn, safeguard creativity.

The aim of the new Code is to eradicate practices in procurement, commissioning and agency cultures that compromise mental health and wellbeing, for example:

  • Agency – long hours culture, inflexible working, fear of job loss
  • Procurement – too many agencies pitching, excessive tender requirements, focus on price over quality
  • Clients – unrealistic timelines and demands, unwieldy approvals, lack of awareness of agency pressures

"We are delighted to be lending our support to this great initiative alongside NABS, and are looking forward to playing our part in developing a Code of Conduct that changes working practices for the better."

Tessa Gooding, Director of Communications, IPA

Says Simon Soothill, Category Director – Marketing, Communications & Research, Crown Commercial Service: 

"We know that poor mental wellbeing is the enemy of creativity in our industry and our goal is to eradicate practices that cause stress in agency environments. No one player has full control but together we can make a change. Brilliant Creative Minds brings together client, agency and procurement for the first time to tackle the issue.

"With over 100 years of insight into the advertising industry, we’re delighted that the IPA is joining us in our mission."

Says Stephanie Drakes, Managing Partner, of Social & Local, the agency which initiated, funds and manages Brilliant Creative Minds: 

"It's become increasingly apparent that retention of brilliant people across the ad industry is getting more and more difficult and that one of the drivers is workplace stress and associated risk of poor mental health. Rather than being inspired to be inspiring, people are becoming disillusioned and disappointed. The industry that I started out in in 1974 was different – yes hard working and challenging but also bringing reward, recognition and mutually respectful relationships and experiences. This is the world that I personally want to re-ignite. Through better working practices we can achieve this, and I can leave the industry knowing that it will be as glorious as it was when I entered it."

On 10 September senior leaders from the client, agency and procurement worlds will meet to consider how industry behaviour impacts employee wellbeing, and to find a solution through a Code of Practice to protect our industry’s Brilliant Creative Minds.

Do YOU have a story of things you have done to protect your creative talent? Ideas of how our industry can do things better? Tell your story of good (or bad practice) and help protect our industry’s Brilliant Creative Minds. Visit: brilliantcreativeminds.org


Last updated 21 January 2022