IPA reacts to 2017 General Election Result

The IPA has responded to the 2017 General Election result.

Paul Bainsfair , Director General of the IPA, said; “A clear win in this snap election would have provided some much-needed stability, vital to businesses and the economy.

“It’s too soon to make any confident predictions but as many have observed, the business community and uncertainty are unhappy bedfellows - so it's hard to see last night's results in a positive way. That said the possibility of more nuanced Brexit negotiations would be welcomed by most in the advertising world.

“Before this snap election, both the Labour Party and the Conservatives had shown commitment to the creative industries. Whatever the outcome of next few weeks and whatever the makeup of the next government, our political leaders must remember that advertising fuels the economy and that the needs of our industry must be included in Brexit negotiations. And that agencies are – among their various other skills - problem-solvers and well-placed to help businesses succeed even in uncertain times.

“The IPA looks forward to working with Government, contributing to initiatives that will drive the economy forward.”

As Chair of CIC Marketing and Comms Group and IPA Director of Marketing Strategy Janet Hull welcomes the re-appointment of Karen Bradley as Secretary of State for the Department of Culture, Media and Sport.

“As the industry members of the Creative Industries Council continue to represent the interests of the sector, Government and the wider economy, with the launch of Createch 2017, it is good to see the Minister back in the driving seat. We look forward in the months ahead to working with Government on a sector deal to sustain economic growth, export and international reputation, and protect the talent needs of advertising and the whole of the creative industries.”

Last updated 21 January 2022