IPA remembers Lord Bell

IPA staff share memories of PR Titan Lord Bell.

The IPA fondly remembers Lord Bell, who died on Sunday. With contributions from Paul Bainsfair and Tessa Gooding.

Paul Bainfair, Director General of the IPA shares memories of working with him at Saatchi: "When I joined Saatchi & Saatchi as a young account exec, Tim was our boss. To say Tim had star power is an understatement, the most charismatic man I have ever met, then or since. He radiated charm, glamour and power in equal measure yet he was never aloof or unapproachable. At that time there must have been at least 450 people in the agency but he knew everyone’s name and we all adored him. As someone once said, dogs crossed the road to be stroked by Tim. Our thoughts go out to his family, especially his children, Daisy and Harry."

Tessa Gooding, the IPA Communications Director remembers working with him during the very fractious 1990’s Equity Dispute: “I first had the pleasure of meeting him and working with him when the IPA sought his advice on the Equity dispute. He was charming, thoughtful and interested in our communication issues and he gave us very sound and straightforward advice. He didn’t look to deceive or spin. I remember this having a huge impact on me. So I have always admired him. Later on, he graciously accepted our invitation to speak on a panel with Sir Martin Sorrell and David Abbott to share their memories of the business. It was then I saw his mischievousness and good humour. I remember him taking particular delight in teasing Sir Martin Sorrell who was as amused. He always seemed to me unperturbed about voicing uncomfortable truths. I thought he was a gem of a man. And a PR giant, who certainly showed me how the very best became the very best.”

A full obituary and further memories of Lord Bell can be found on Campaign.

Last updated 21 January 2022