IPA report reveals consumer attitudes on AI ethics

The vast majority of the British public (84%) believe that they should be informed when they are dealing with an AI rather than another person. This is just one of the key findings from the IPA’s Q4 AI Radar on the Future of AI.

Regarding the etiquette and ethics of AI, the research also found that:

  • Nearly three-quarters of people (74%) feel that AI should not pretend to be human or act as if it has a personality.
  • Over two-thirds of the British public (67%) believe that an AI should have the right to report you if you are engaging in illegal activity.
  • Sixty-four percent of respondents agree that we should be polite when interacting with AI, while 57% feel that children should respect virtual assistants as they would real adults.
  • Just over half of people (51%) believed that AI should be allowed to make it known when it disagrees with you, for example when making a purchase.
  • A quarter of the public (27%) feel that ‘robot rights’ should be introduced to ensure humane treatment of AI, while this jumps to 61% within adland.

The Q4 AI Radar also revealed the most common phrases associated with the future of artificial intelligence (time-saving, job losses, exciting, helpful and scary) and the industry sectors that are most likely to benefit from AI over the course of the next decade (healthcare, transport, education and politics).

Says Nigel Gwilliam, Director of Media Affairs, IPA: “The first thing that struck me from these results was the strange juxtaposition of fear and optimism: the future of AI is exciting, helpful, scary job losses that save time. It seems as much as people have some trepidation about the machines, they’re hoping they can help us out.”

Each quarterly AI Radar, based on a survey of 1000 nationally representative GB consumers and 100 UK advertising and marketing professionals, accompanied by key headlines from the world of AI, as well as different opinion pieces on the state of play in AI.

The Q4 AI Radar is the fourth and final report in the series. The data from all four AI Radar surveys is available to download from the IPA website, free to IPA members and £50 to non-members. A top-line summary of key stats from the AI Radar series is also available to download as an infographic.

Last updated 21 January 2022