IPA supports ISBA UK Cross Media Measurement initiative

A comment from Belinda Beeftink, IPA Director of Media Research

IPA Director of Media Research, Belinda Beeftink, has broadly welcomed ISBA's UK Cross Media Measurement programme, Origin.

Says Belinda Beeftink, Director of Media Research, IPA:  

“The IPA has been supportive of the ISBA Video Audience Measurement initiative for the past year. It is clear that both advertisers and agencies want better and more measurement of all video and we will be working closely with ISBA to ensure that any development in measurement adheres to JIC standards of accountability, transparency, quality and independence.  

"It is worth noting the difference between the IPA's TouchPoints and this initiative because the IPA TouchPoints survey has been providing cross media measurement for over ten years. TouchPoints is used as a planning tool and can provide data to better understand what BVoD adds to campaigns. The new ISBA initiative, Origin, will focus on campaign evaluation. So they should complement each other well."

Last updated 21 January 2022