IPA voices concerns over new GDPR Guidelines on Consent

The IPA has responded to the Article 29 Working Party Guidelines on Consent, voicing concerns that the Guidelines take too strict a view of the requirements of the GDPR on obtaining consent from users in the online sector.

Says Richard Lindsay, Director of Legal & Public Affairs: “The Guidelines take a very strict approach to obtaining consent. Some of the proposals would cause online publishers huge difficulties, potentially pushing them to change their business models to subscription-based, thereby impacting on the online advertising sector and causing detriment to users who are used to the benefits brought from the advertising-funded publishing model, namely, free content and ads tailored to their interests.”

The Article 29 Working Party (A 29 WP) is an advisory organisation comprising representatives from the data protection authority of each EU Member State, including the UK's ICO. Its core function is to provide advice and guidance on data protection issues, including the GDPR.

Last updated 21 January 2022