LV='s Guy Hedger remembered

Guy Hedger, the Brand and Marketing Director of LV= insurance who died recently was a two-time IPA Effectiveness Award winner. Fondly remembered, not just by the companies who he worked with, but also the agencies who worked for him.

Hedger began his career in the marketing department at Matchbox, where he created award-winning advertising for their model cars and aircraft before moving on to Nestle where he worked on the iconic Gold Blend ads during the 1980s, but it was his shift to the insurance industry where he really made his mark. Starting at Direct Line, he was instrumental during the brand's growth during the 1990s, utilising the power of their iconic red phone. Their success won him his first Effectiveness Award in 2004.

After a Direct Line, there was a move to LV=. At the time, the company was languishing as the UK's ninth biggest insurance company. At the time of his death, they were third. Following a rebrand from Liverpool Victoria to LV=, a new advertising and marketing approach yielded dramatic results, and Hedger's second Effectiveness Award. 

Despite the awards, it will be the experience of working Hedger that he will be remembered for by those that did. 

John O' Sullivan who worked with Hedger at several different agencies said, "He the nicest client I ever worked with, and also the best He would always do what was best for the brand, no matter what aggravation that might cause himself, or anyone else for that matter." 

Miriam Boote, Client Services Director at  LV='s agency, Designate remembered, "His incredible and rare talent, at times almost renegade, with an amazing gut feel for marketing and brand appeal. He was incredibly exciting to work with and brought an energy to the creative process which was perhaps unexpected of an insurance brand."

John O’Roarke, the former managing director of LV General Insurance, concluded: “Guy was quite simply a wonderful man. He was charming, creative, exuberant, intelligent and stubborn in equal measure. His contribution to LV’s success was enormous." 

Last updated 21 January 2022