Marc Nohr brings his know-how to inform IPA’s Commercial strategy

Marc Nohr, CEO of Fold7, has been appointed as Chair of the IPA’s Commercial Leadership Group, establishing a new agenda to drive and amplify the Group’s growth. He succeeds Karmarama’s Liz Wilson who has been at the helm since 2016.

As part of his new growth agenda, Marc will lead the IPA Group, comprised of leading commercial agency heads, in looking at how the agency business can transform itself and what it can do, including what it can learn from others, what it sells, and what its relationship with technology is. The Group will also look at how the business does that, covering:

  • How we define and sell value
  • How we sell and pitch
  • How we train ourselves
  • How we partner to best effect
  • How we integrate to best collaborate
  • How we maintain our position as partners, trusted advisors, and do that confidently

The findings will shape Group meetings, outputs, content and the IPA’s flagship Business Growth Conference in July 2019.

Marc Nohr, CEO, Fold7, said: “We recognise that advertising, and the advertising industry, has recalibrated greatly, changing shape in recent years with no sign of abating. Which presents us with a clear choice – lament the changes and try to justify our existence, or reinvent ourselves to be as relevant and potent as ever. It’s this latter option, which informs the new CLG focus – Driving the Growth Agenda. If we seek to learn and grow as practitioners we will grow our clients and if we grow our clients we will grow our businesses. That’s the principle.”

Paul Bainsfair, Director General, IPA, said: “It is imperative in these increasingly tough times that our agencies are commercially astute, collaboratively focussed and, crucially, are appreciated for the value they bring to clients. To have Marc providing his decades-long agency experience and innovative approach to inform the commercial pillar of our IPA strategy will be invaluable to help achieve this and drive our business forward. We must also extend our thanks to the rest of the Group, and particularly to our former Chair, the indefatigable Liz Wilson. Her work in helping to map out the future for agencies has laid firm foundations from which we can continue to build.”

Last updated 21 January 2022