How effective is our industry?

IPA and ISBA to survey marketing effectiveness culture of ad industry

The IPA, supported by ISBA, are to benchmark the effectiveness culture of agencies and brands through an inaugural Marketing Effectiveness Culture Monitor with the aim of boosting the industry’s commercial effectiveness and the work it produces.

  • The comprehensive survey will assess the effectiveness culture of brands and agencies across all areas of their businesses: including its People, Process, Focus, Data, Tools and Measurement.

It builds on a bank of work from the cross-industry IPA EffWorks initiative, launched in 2017, that explores how a marketing effectiveness culture can drive more productive client/agency relationships and better brand and business outcomes.

Following completion, the Monitor will provide:

  • Agencies and brands with an understanding of industry progress towards creating a marketing effectiveness culture.
  • An assessment against each of the four marketing effectiveness quadrants: People; Process; Focus; and Data, Tools & Measurement, evidencing which quadrants need priority focus to improve marketing effectiveness culture within each brand and agency.
  • A year-on-year comparison against agency and/or brand peers and the industry’s approach to marketing effectiveness.
  • Survey participants will have the chance to order a personalised Lite/Full or Interactive report on their companies own progress.

Findings from the study will be analysed by former Samsung effectiveness expert, Go Ignite Consulting’s Nick Milne, and will be announced in September ahead of the flagship IPA EffWorks Conference in October 2021 and will help inform agencies and brands how to improve; focus IPA educational and developmental resources; and inform additional content and other support to create continuous learning.

Says Janet Hull OBE, Director of Marketing Strategy, IPA and Executive Director, IPA EffWorks: "Having an agenda around creating an effectiveness culture means that you have to look not just at what you are doing, but how you are doing it, and why.

And by having one embedded, the benefits are widespread: it aligns agency and client understanding; it strengthens the relationship between agencies and brand owners; it demonstrates the pivotal role of agencies in the success of brand owners; and on a macro-level, it drives prosperity and GDP growth.

It also helps manage the issues around uncertainty that have pervaded our industry over the last year and enables a more agile mind-set and one that is more able to balance long and short term objectives."

Says Clare O’Brien, Head of Media Effectiveness & Performance, ISBA: "Tracking and measuring advertising and marketing effectiveness is gathering in complexity and is increasingly an organisational issue requiring a cultural response. Partnering with the IPA after its original Effectiveness Culture study, to examine trends within organisations, provided great material for our marker members to widen their conversations with colleagues across the organisation.

We are delighted now to support this new development which will provide brands with greater insight into how and where they can improve their effectiveness cultures.


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Last updated 04 May 2023