New IPA qualification to broaden adland’s Effectiveness horizons

Online learning for the IPA Effectiveness Essentials Certificate is now live.

The IPA has today (12 August) launched a brand new online qualification, the Effectiveness Essentials Certificate, in an effort to embed effectiveness into the fabric of our industry.

Aimed at newcomers to agency or client businesses, candidates will be able to make better, more informed and more strategic decisions no matter their background or department following completion of 10 hours of online learning.

The Effectiveness Essentials Certificate is free for IPA members and provides an overview of effectiveness principles, learnings from IPA Effectiveness Award winning case studies and guidelines for developing an effectiveness culture with your brand, team or agency. It forms a part of the IPA’s range of Essentials-level qualifications, alongside the Commercial and LegRegs Certificates.

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Says Louise Hinchliffe, Associate Director of Professional Development, IPA: “Effectiveness is a fundamental part of advertising and something that everyone working in the industry should have a base knowledge of. The IPA Effectiveness Essentials Certificate will give everyone access to the principles of effectiveness, further ingraining it into the creative and strategic process.

Across the 10 modules, candidates will learn everything from why advertising effectiveness is so important, to the wider effects and commercial benefits, to incorporating effectiveness into your creative process and company culture, making this essential learning for everyone in working in brands and advertising.

Louise Hinchliffe, Associate Director of Professional Development, IPA

Says Sera Holland, Principal Qualification Author: "Our ambition with Effectiveness Essentials is not to give you all the answers, but to provide you with enough of the basic information to understand the questions to ask. So, whilst Effectiveness Essentials was written with newcomers to the industry firmly in mind, we hope that across seniority, discipline and department, people will take this opportunity to work towards not only the ability to make better, more informed, more strategic decisions in their role, but towards an improved shared culture of marketing effectiveness across the industry at large."

Commenting on the launch of the Effectiveness Essentials Certificate, Peter Field said: "The sooner those coming into marketing & advertising acquire a grasp of the fundamentals of effectiveness, the more able they will be to add value and to challenge the mistakes that so many make in our world. Effectiveness Essentials is a giant leap forward for the industry."

More experienced practitioners should consider the Advanced Certificate in Effectiveness (formerly known as the Eff Test Certificate).

Last updated 21 January 2022